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The following issues of Style have been archived.

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To examine the table of contents or abstracts of past issues, please click on the links below:

Volume 48 (2014)
Volume 48.1 Euclid at the Core: Recentering Literacy Education
Volume 48.2 Language Probability Models, Hypertext Fiction, Implied Authors, and Historiographic Metafiction
Volume 48.3
Volume 48.4

Volume 47 (2013)
Volume 47.1 Behavioral Economics in Fiction, Poetic Rhymes, and Narrativity on Stage
Volume 47.2 Early Science Fiction, Old English Narrative Prose, and Schema Theory
Volume 47.3 The Brain Sciences and Structure; Classic Energia, and Essays on The Alice Books, Coetzee, Hardy, James, and Wells
Volume 47.4 Narrative, Social Neuroscience, Plus Essays on Hecht's Poetry, Hardy's Fiction, and Kathy Acker

Volume 46 (2012)
Volume 46.1 Public Discourse, Forms, Plots, and Consciousness
Volume 46.2 Literature, Bio-psychological Reality, and Focalization
Volume 46.3/4 Applied Evolutionary Criticism

Volume 45 (2011)
Volume 45.1 Implied Author: Back from the Grave or Simply Dead Again
Volume 45.2 Social Minds and Criticism
Volume 45.3 Mind and Text
Volume 45.4 Public Discourse and Neo-Aristotelian Rhetoric

Volume 44 (2010)
Volume 44.1 & 2 New Psychologies and Modern Assessments
Volume 44.3 Shakespeare and Intention
Volume 44.4 Narrative Representation in Art, Cognition, and Social Interaction

Volume 43 (2009)
Volume 43.1 Film and Globalization
Volume 43.2 Temporal Paradoxes Summer 2009  in Fiction and Stylistics in American Literatures
Volume 43.3 Madness in Fiction
Volume 43.4 Byatt, Dickens, Tolkein, and Mary McCarthy

Volume 42 (2008)
Volume 42.1 Interview with Gerald Graff, Essays on Faulkner and on Language in African-American Fiction
Volume 42.2&3 Joseph Carroll’s An Evolutionary Paradigm for Literary Study
Volume 42.4, Minds and Literature

Volume 41 (2007)
Volume 41.1 General Issue
Volume 41.2 Style in Fiction
Volume 41.3, Narrative and Self-Knowledge
Volume 41.4, Rhetoric & Cognition

Volume 40 (2006)
Volume 40.1 & 2, A Festshrift for John Robert (Háj) Ross
Volume 40.3, Czech Fictional Worlds
Volume 40.4, General Issue

Volume 39 (2005)
Volume 39.1, Metonomy
Volume 39.2, General Issue
Volume 39.3, Shakespeare and Others
Volume 39.4, General Issue

Volume 38 (2004)
Volume 38.1, General Issue
Volume 38.2, German Narratology I
Volume 38.3, German Narratology II
Volume 38.4, Current Trends in Stylistics

Volume 37 (2003)
Volume 37.1, Pedagogy of Style and Stylistics
Volume 37.2, General Issue
Volume 37.3, General Issue
Volume 37.4, General Issue

Volume 36 (2002)
Volume 36.1, Time, Music, and Textuality
Volume 36.2, The Aesthetics of Robert Penn Warren
Volume 36.3, Cognitive Approaches to Figurative Language
Volume 36.4, Annual Issue: Resources in Stylistic and Literary Analysis

Volume 35 (2001)
Volume 35.1, Themes and Means
Volume 35.2, Women as Narrators
Volume 35.3, Conventions of Children’s Literature: Then and Now
Volume 35.4, Topics on Film and Literature

Volume 34 (2000)
Volume 34.1: On Technique—and More—in Fiction
Volume 34.2: Concepts of Narrative 
Volume 34.3: Go Figure: Troping the Unspeakable
Volume 34.4: Essays, Bibliographies, and Bibliographical Surveys

Volume 33 (1999)
Volume 33.1: On Prose, Poetry, and Proverbs 
Volume 33.2: Style in the Media Age
Volume 33.3: Postmodernism and Other Distractions: Situations and Directions for Critical Theory
Volume 33.4: Essays, Bibliographies, and Bibliographical Surveys

Volume 32 (1998)
Volume 32.1: Race, Gender, Religion, and Other Dangerous Things
Volume 32.2: Literature and Ethical Criticism 
Volume 32.3: Style in Cinema 
Volume 32.4: Essays, Bibliographies, and Bibliographical Surveys

Volume 31 (1997)
Volume 31.4, Essays, Bibliography, and Bibliographical Surveys
Volume 31.3, Chaucerian Poetics
Volume 31.2, Literature and Family Systems Psychotherapy
Volume 31.1, Aesthetics and Interpretation

Volume 30 (1996)
Volume 30.4: Essays, Bibliographies, and Bibliographical Surveys
Volume 30.3: Narrating the Multicultural
Volume 30.2, Rhetoric and Poetics
Volume 30.1, Reading Style, Reading Fiction

Volume 29 (1995)
Volume 29.4, Essays, Bibliographies, and Bibliographical Surveys
Volume 29.3, Psychoanalysis: Theory and Practice
Volume 29.2, From Possible Worlds to Virtual Realities: Approaches to Postmodernism
Volume 29.1, Multiple, Gendered, Borrowed Voices

Volume 28 (1994)
Volume 28.2, Fiction
Volume 28.1, Issues in English and American Literatures

Volume 27 (1993)
Volume 27.3, The Short Story
Volume 27.2, African-American Poetics

Volume 26 (1992)
Volume 26.3, Narrative: The Nice Conference
Volume 26.2, Stylistics and Strategies
Volume 26.1, Studies in Fiction

Volume 25 (1991)
Volume 25.4, Bibliographies
Volume 25.3, Joyce's Dubliners